Natural Anti Aging Face Products – 4 Top Ingredients to Look For

Here’s the good news: there are a lot of natural skin care products to choose from. The bad news is that not all of them can be good for your skin.

More men and women are complaining about skin problems because of prolonged use of natural skin care products. You don’t want that to happen to you. So when you’re purchasing them, you may want to make sure that you can find the following ingredients:

#1 Collagen. Collagen is actually produced by the body. It is the reason why your skin appears firm or supple. However, as you old, you lose collagen, and your body doesn’t produce much. To compensate, you can look for natural skin care products that can stimulate its production. Don’t believe on those that contain collagen because its molecules are too big to penetrate or be absorbed by the skin.

#2 Inositol Hexaphosphate. This is a type of antioxidant that promotes the production of lecithin. When this is activated, it can control the formation of free radicals and discourage abnormal division of cells. Natural skin care products with this ingredient can assist in slowing down the aging process.

#3 Coenzyme Q10. You can also look for natural products with coenzyme Q10. This is another type of antioxidant-and a very potent one at that. It can already destroy the free radicals because they can cause further damage to different cells in the body, such as your skin cells. The more you age, the more you need to use natural skin care products with coenzyme Q10. The best version for this antioxidant is nano-lipobelle H-EQ10.

#4 ABA. This is the shortened form of para-aminobenzoic acid. It is highly needed because it promotes the breaking down of proteins. In case you don’t know, for your skin to remain healthy, you need to have protein in the body. It will also stimulate the production of folic acid. Natural skin care products with ABA are effective in treating dermatitis and even hair loss.

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By []Rebecca S. Purple

Want Your Wrinkle Cream to do All That It Can Do for You?

Nobody wants to have a face that is filled with lines and wrinkles and spots.

We all put a lot of hard work into holding onto our youthful looks for as long as we are able to do so. This is why, when those lines start appearing, it is easy to freak out and spend hundreds of dollars on the latest “old age zapper.” Of course, if you are clever you will figure out how to locate a simple wrinkle cream that will do all the work for you. Don’t throw away hundred of bucks on trendy merchandise that won’t do a thing for you. Gain knowledge ahead of time and find a product that is actually worth the money. Here are some secrets.

Don’t forget that when you buy wrinkle creams you will be using them every day. It’s not going to be beneficial to just treat spots. The fact of the matter is your skin cannot deal with the yo yo effects of rampant usage. Use them every day to allow your skin to adapt. It can be more expensive to buy in small containers. Opt for the bigger size of the product you want to use-your budget will thank you for it later. If you are deadest on battling the wrinkles on your face and other indicators of your age, look for items that have hydroxy acids in them. Hydroxy acids are unnatural versions of the natural acids that can be found in fruits that have sugar (which is just about every fruit). These ingredients act as exfoliants to remove dead skin. In addition to banishing old, dead and dry skin, they also stimulate the dermis so that you can produce new skin. On the downside, these particular components also make the skin more susceptible to damage caused by the sun, so be sure to add some wrinkle preventer along with your sunscreen (or select a skin cream that contains it).

Yet another ingredient to look for is tea extracts, these help smooth out wrinkles in the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties in oolong, black and green teas come from the anti-oxidants found in them. When skin is irritated these can help smooth and calm it. It is for this reason that many articles suggesting tea bags on your eyes for the removal of puffiness have been written. They do help with the swelling! Don’t make shopping for a new wrinkle cream harder than it has to be. It is really more difficult to realize you need to use it. Research for ingredients so you know what you are looking for. If the over the counter products aren’t working consult your physician. The more you know about how to fight the signs of aging, the better able you will be to buy the right kind of wrinkle fighting products.

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